The power of love

The power of love

Artist introduction

Does anyone like black? Black is modest and arrogant at the same time, it is lazy and easy but mysterious. This period, we would like to introduce an artist who is the embodiment of black— Artist “ Aya Bitik “.

Aya Bitik, who is going to be 23 years old, was born in Kazakhstan. She has been painting for more than 7 years, especially be good at digital portrait and watercolor. She also has skill in ink painting and sketching. Her favorite colors are black, blue and red, so you will find that the main color of her art is associated with these three.

Artist style of work

As a true lover of rock music, music has been for the vast majority of her life and often give her inspiration. But most of her greatest inspiration of art come from her own unconscious.She thinks that it would be a cool experiment if the dream of a collaboration with clothes designer can come true, so she joined ForUDesigns and put her artworks onto a variety of products on December 4, 2016.


I’m sure you will like it!

The characters in the fairy tale!

The most comfortable!

Fairy tale backpacks.

The story girls.

Romantic handbag!

They are belongs to girls.

The suitable must be basic on Like.

Dreaming suitcase.

Dark apron.

Fashionable phone case.

Answered to the interview

She likes knowing funny things about people and build a relationship with her followers. If you feel inclined, you could contact her via the contact ways below.

Contact information:

Store link at

Social media accounts








[email protected]

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