Swinging Colors

Swinging Colors

Introduction of Artist

Hola, I’m Edu Al Peirano aka. Bizzartino, I’m from Lima, the capital city of a wonderful country, Peru, mostly known as the land of the inkas, one of the most important cultures in human history.I’m passionate about art, traveling, storytelling and nature.I have a sort of double professional personality, one is a multimedia producer artist and the other works in advertising.

I used to work in advertising agencies and one day I found myself with no motivation to keep on going. I was bored and unhappy, so, I decided to turn into a freelancer. By that time, was really difficult to find a job. It took half a year to go back to work in projects, meanwhile, I enjoyed a lot of free time, that’s where I started to explore different things every day. What I liked the most was to awake my old skill of drawing and painting. It felt like starting over! I’ve always being jealous of showing my art. But five years ago, I uploaded for the first time some drawings and drafts, and the feedback was positive.

Also that year, I got a diploma in Digital Marketing, so I earned knowledge about product selling online. My first contact with selling art was etsy.com, but it didn’t work as expected. Something was missing. And I gave up of trying for a while. A friend introduced me to Talenthouse, so there I found –and still find- inspiration, motivation and advices. I learned more about many techniques and as I saw what people was sharing, I knew where I could sell my artworks. The breakthrough happened last year when unexpectedly I sold my first artwork. I was uploading once in a while, but soon as I saw that first sale, I said to myself: -“Awesome, this is working!” I was so happy, and since then, I’m having fun exploring my concept style, which is a mix of my own perspective in life and all my loving for nature which is a wonderful adventure while traveling around the sun.


1.How long did it take to design a product on our platform?

Actually, it’s pretty fast, however, sometimes it takes a couple of tries when the artwork is too big.

2.How did you come up with the ideas for your designs?

I combine ideas in Photoshop, play with some pictures of nature that I shoot during a travel. I try to remember what the feeling was when I stargazed at that place, it feels like meditation in some way. There the jigsaw puzzle starts.

3.How do you feel about using art to make business?

I’m always looking for challenging adventures, so it’s a great opportunity to feel freedom.

4.Do you have any other interests?

Yes, I love music, sports, to explore nature, to travel, photography, filmmaking, storytelling and some many things.

5.Why do you like art/drawing?

Everything in life it’s about emotions so, I like to express my own feelings thru my art.

6.What do you think about For U designs?

For U designs shows a fresh, not typical way of selling. From the artist perspective, you are fully free to put the number you wanna earn in each buy. And also, it makes easy for you to focus on an individual artwork uploading.

7.Why did you decide to join us?

I decide to join For U designs because it’s very friendly. I found it a lot easy and very helpful since the beginning, so I’m pleased to have my artworks here.

8.What are your expectations of For U designs?

For U designs, it’s going in the right direction to turn into one of the best art galleries. It only needs to build campaigns in order to gain more audiences.

9.How do you feel when you see your designs are wearing on different people?

When I see people wearing my designs I would love to stop the clocks, just to enjoy this wonderful being who has given me a simple but fantastic reason to be grateful for.

10.How much do you know about copyright?

I think I know enough. It is about respect each other’s work.

11.Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs?

A closer connection with other artists thru the platform or in social networks it’s crucial.  It needs to be develop a more personal gallery for each artist.

12.Do you have a favorite artist? Why you appreciate him/her?

My fav artists are the ones who go crazy in the pursuit of their own self in different categories. I can name some: Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh, John Lennon, Jim Carrey, Hayao Miyazaki… But I’m not longer seeing them as heroes or idols because everyone can be one. You just have to keep on trying, explore as much as you can, never give up, trust yourself, practice a lot, and just do what you love.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I send you love and peace from this side of the universe.










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