Prestashop: How to import products and export orders for forudesigns

Import Products CSV

When you export products from froudesigns for Prestashop. You’ll get one zip file.

Unzip it and there would be two files: one for products while the other one for combinations. Combinations file only exists if products support combinations.

Go to the Import page in the back office of Prestashop.

For “What do you want to import?”, select “Products”.

Select “products” file to import.

Check “Use product reference as key” with “Yes”.

You can keep the other settings as default.

Enter “next step”.

Please follow the image below to match the columns. You can save the config for later use.

Click “Import”.

Once you finish the products import process, you may need to import combinations if the file exists.

For the import settings, you still need to check “Use product reference as key” with Yes.

And the mapping config should be like the screenshot.

Export Orders

Select “Database” this time

Add a new query with SQL Query below:

SELECT a.id_order ‘order_number’, order_detail.product_name ‘product_name’, order_detail.product_reference ‘sku’, order_detail.product_quantity ‘quantity’,, address.firstname, address.lastname, address.postcode, address.address1, address.address2,, state.iso_code ‘state’, country.iso_code ‘country’
FROM ps_orders AS a
INNER JOIN ps_order_detail AS order_detail ON order_detail.id_order = a.id_order
inner join ps_address AS address on a.id_address_delivery = address.id_address
inner join ps_country AS country on country.id_country = address.id_country
left join ps_state AS state on address.id_state > 0 and address.id_state = state.id_state
WHERE a.date_add >= CURDATE();

you can change the last one “CURDATE()” with a specific date such as 2019-07-07

Save it.

Click the download button, you’ll get the csv and import it to forudesigns

Author: forudesignsteam

ForUDesigns is a large international E-commerce provider that was established in March, 2015. ForUDesigns specializes in providing a wide range of services such as E-commerce, sublimation printing, product manufacturing and international drop-shipping and there current catalog includes over 300 print on demand products such as clothes, shoes, bags, home-decor, car accessories and more.

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