Make Your Shirt Distinctive

Make Your Shirt Distinctive

Brief Introduction of T-shirt

T-shirt, as we see, usually is short-sleeved and round collar. It has no button, stand collar or pocket. The length is close to waist. It looks like the capital “T” when spread, that’s why we called it T-shirt.Previously, T-shirt usually used as inner clothes, but now it most often used as regular outside clothes. People like using works or patterns to design it.

How Much You Know About the History of T-shirt?

During World WarⅠ, America soldiers noticed that the cotton inner clothes Europe soldiers wore was comfortable and light, while the traditional woolen uniforms they America soldiers wore made them wilted and sweaty. From then on, the cotton shirt began to become the norm among America soldiers, and owned its name “T-shirt” because of its shape. During World War Ⅱ, T-shirt became the standard inner clothes of America army and navy.

After World War Ⅱ, T-shirt changed into normal outside clothes. John Wayne and Marlon Brando ever wore on TV program. At the beginning, the public was surprised, however, after the year of 1955, the society began to accept this, especially when James Dean wore it film in Rebel Without A Cause, T-shirt a fashionable clothes.

Until 1960, T-shirt turned into the basic clothes of young men and rock and roll fans. People also began to retrofit T-shirt, so women vest, Hong Kong cap sleeve, tight T-shirt and V-collar shirt came into vogue. Since then, T-shirt became the main medium for self-expression and self-promotion.

How to Match Your Shirt?

T-shirt throughout the four seasons. There is no end of topic to discuss how to match it. Because of its simplicity and fashionability, it can be matched with almost any kinds of clothes, shoes and bags. T-shirt is like a white paper, how you wear it determines your style. The most common match is T-shirt with jeans. For shirt with colorful patterns, gaudy clothes and accessories should be avoided.

Nowadays, no matter as a casual item or inner cloth, T-shirt is playing an important role in the field of fashion. There are more and more dress got talents tending to teach people how to match and how to wear.

T-shirt on FORU

FORU has six kind of custom shirt. Women Whole Printing T-shirt, Men Whole Printing T-shirt, Men Part Printing T-shirt, Men Long-sleeved Printing T-shirt, Women Printing Vest, Men Printing Vest.

They are made with Polyester-Spandex and size S/M/L/XL/XXL are optional. Round collar design provide greater range of movement. Exquisite stitching, wear-resistant, unique shaping and cutting, perfectly fit the shoulder.

Want it? Yeah! Go for it! Action speaks louder than words. 

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