Lovely Elves

Lovely Elves

Artist introduction

I really love chalk art, but digital art I can almost say I love more. —RoxzanoSaxon

She have been dabbling in arts for years, really peaking in my high school years (7 years ago). She have always doodled on her classroom notes though, since the dawn of time.She love being able to warp a photo 100 different times, with a million different results. Within the past few years (3 years), she been trying different mediums, websites, apps, etc ad really applying myself, and learning from her arts journey. It took she awhile to figure out how to design, and where so this is really still a work in progress.


How Soft !

Pink style shock for girls.

Backpack fashion style.

Young must be Unique.

Comfortable !

Happy in summer.

Green offer nice emotions.

Colors for bag.

Fashion! Nice-looking !

All in relax.

Colorful shoes.

Personality Apron.


Cool Patterns.

Answered to the interview

1:How long have been designing your own work?

I have been dabbling in arts for years, really peaking in my highschool years (7 years ago). I have always doodled on my classroom notes though, since the dawn of time. Within the past few years (3 years), I been trying different mediums, websites, apps, etc ad really applying myself, and learning from my art journey. I really love chalk art, but digital art I can almost say I love more. I love being able to warp a photo 100 different times, with a million different results. It took me awhile to figure out how to design, and where so this is really still a work in progress.

2:How do you come up with the ideas for your designs?

Creations from my imagination. I create a character and run with it. I mess around with photos until I like them. Sometimes cruising social media, sparks a few ideas. Mostly it just happens.

3: What are the main features of your artworks、designs?

Skeletons are a huge theme. Color is another, I lived in the dark for a long time and one day I just exploded. Glitter and color everywhere. Boom abstract, unique and heavily cartooned art happened.

4:What inspire you to start your own type of decision? — > did you mean designs?

Once I found out you could put your own designs onto products, I began testing websites and products, and playing with designs. I love the idea of someone else wearing a piece of my art. There are so many different ways art can be appreciated or showcased, designing products is one way.

5:Which one or series is your favorite design? 

I really love the skeleton theme. It all started with my king pin skeleton. From there have done a teenage girl skeleton, first let’s take a selfie, a bride and groom, working on a baby, banana skeleton, and more. I have done holiday theme skeletons and ones to fit into modern day 21st century life. Not all my designs are up on Forudesign, or any website for that matter. I hope to create a calendar or a coloring book or both one day to showcase them all. If you look through my classroom notes, you will find a bunch. Skulls for days.

6:How do you feel about using art to create business?

Art is a passion of mine. Art of all sorts. If I can make some extra money from my art, why not? I’m going to create regardless. Art is a release for me. I want to help others reach this release, it’s not all about money. If I can inspire someone else to follow their art goals, my job is done.

7:Do you love any other interests expect arts?

Spiderman, cats and chocolate milk.

8:I noticed  you have big quantity fans ,Which age most like your work?

It ranges. I have arts that reach all different ages and people at different stages. I have wrote a children’s book, I do chalk art for the kids at the park, I paint rocks that all can appreciate, my digital designs may swing towards youth and adolescents, some of my work adults may enjoy and my grandma will always be a fan of mine. I don’t really have a set target age. It’s really whatever floats your boat. This is my boat, all who wish to join are welcome.

9:Will you ever stop designing?

Nope. I go through periods where my art flow slows down, or some days I’m on fire and creating non stop. Life happens. Cant stop, won’t stop but sometimes you just need to slow down.  

10:What do you think about Forudesigns?

I really appreciate the fair pricing Forudesign has and the free shipping. You really can’t go wrong. The variety of products is amazing as well. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out Forudesign had kid’s shoes. My daughter was SUPER excited to rock her mom’s design to school. I promised her she can design her own one day too. As for their service, any problems I have been able to talk directly to the staff and get a solution in fair time. The shipping is free, but also decently speedy shipping, receiving your product within the month compared to other platform designing websites where the products can take up to 4 months.

11:What is the reason that you will join us?

I have already joined the Forudesign community, but what brought me to the site was the children’s shoes. Like I mentioned before, the fair pricing, and wide variety of products.

12:What is your best selling products at Forudesigns?

I have not sold much yet, BUT the highest selling product so far would be the “Giraffitti” plush mat. I have been getting a lot of attention on the shoes though.

13:What is your expectation for Forudesigns?

So far my expectations have been met: friendly service, variety of products, quality of products, fair shipping speed, and easy designing of the products. There has been a couple technical issues I have found or my customers on the Forudesign website, which I have submitted as feedback to one of the staff. The staff have been super friendly, and helpful, and have taken feedback very well. Which brings sort of a community feel, you help me, I help you kind of community.

14:How do you feel when you see your designs on different people?

It is truly an amazing feeling.  Worth more than the profit for sure. Grin from ear to ear kind of feel. It also confirms that I am not the only one liking my own designs.

15:Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs?

I have dabbled with promotions, and am still learning. Social media has been a big thing and huge help for sure. I’ve been on my hashtag game within the past year for sure. Buying, and wearing my own designs has also helped. “Hey, I love those shoes, where did the you get them?” …. “well actually…I made them”.
I still have a long way to go though with promotions, and I’m always open to suggestions and feedback.

16:How much do you know about copyright?

To be honest, it’s definitely a subject I need to educate myself on more. I know the rule of art club though, you don’t steal others art work, and you credit the artist when you can. Fast forward to the 21st century where everything is on the internet and it’s really easy to save images and lose track of who originally created the art piece. I need to work on signing and watermarking, make it more of a habbit, than it is now to avoid others stealing my artwork. I am open to collabs or manipulations though, actually I am totally for it, but again there is an unspoken rule in place where one must contact the original artist first and gain permission to sell or showcase these pieces.


1:Please leave you store link from 

2:Please leave your Social media account homepages that we can show to others.

Instagram = @roxzano 

FB page =

Website = 

3:Please leave your feedback or suggestions.

I was confused on a couple of questions, particularly stuck on question number 4, so I tried best to answer all the questions appropriately. This was a fair interview though, I enjoyed it for sure.

I want to thank you again for this opportunity, it really made my night.

Thanks (   [email protected] )



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