LeokeyComics Collection

LeokeyComics Collection

Artist introduction

Leokey Comics have been designing their own art work ever since middle school. After the introduction to digital art, it skyrocketed their art from being personal works to something can share with the entire world and web.

Leokey Comics try to create with a passion.There are many designs inspired by the world around them or are interpretations of their emotions. Leokey’s designs feature a variety of different ascetics. These include that out of world kind of vibe. They love to dabble in all fields of art. Sometimes an anime style look, or perhaps a more abstract up to interpretation kind of piece.

Artist style of work



Crying Pearl designs.

LeokeyComics_01 LeokeyComics_02

I’ll rock your world.


Beautiful flowers under the sunlight.

LeokeyComics_05 LeokeyComics_06

This is the irreversible fashion.

LeokeyComics_07 LeokeyComics_08

You’re like flowers in the spring season.

LeokeyComics_09 LeokeyComics_10

The mysteries of deep-blue rose.

LeokeyComics_11 LeokeyComics_12

How cool street style with blood wolf bag!

LeokeyComics_13 LeokeyComics_14

Sinister clown for the perfect make up styles.

LeokeyComics_15 LeokeyComics_16

The flower in the waves like alive.

LeokeyComics_17 LeokeyComics_18

Black shoes match to any clothes.

LeokeyComics_19 LeokeyComics_20

This pair of shoes are full of life and character.

LeokeyComics_21 LeokeyComics_22

To create a unique attitude in the life.

LeokeyComics_23 LeokeyComics_24

The dream of new life.

LeokeyComics_25 LeokeyComics_26

This phone case brings brave and creative.

LeokeyComics_27 LeokeyComics_28

If you enjoy traveling, the best designs of luggage cover for you.

LeokeyComics_29 LeokeyComics_30

1:How long have been designing your own work?

We’ve both been designing our own art work ever since middle school. After the introduction to digital art it skyrocketed our art from being personal works to something we can share with the entire world and web.

2:How do you come up with the ideas for your designs?

There are many designs inspired by the world around us or are interpretations of our emotions. Many of our other designs come from letting our talent envelope us and allow us to create artwork through us. We try to create with a passion.

3:What are the main features of your artworks or designs?

Our designs feature a variety of different ascetics. These include that out of world kind of vibe, Sometimes an anime style look, or perhaps a more abstract up to interpretation kind of piece, lastly we enjoy adding an animalistic designs too. We love to dabble in all fields of art.

4:What inspire you to start your own type of decision?

We we’re inspired by a world of things from abstract art to beautiful works of animations. Our art style has been influence by anime, manga, comics, cartoons, and way more we love to observe art as whole and get inspire to create as much as possible as best as we can. The biggest influence would probably anime and there fast majority of art styles in their shows.

5:Which one or series is your favorite design?

Our favorite designs by us so far would be Driften Vol 1 and Lady in the water. They show us the peak of what our art can create in our opinion. 

6:How do you feel about using art to create business?

We feel elated that in this day and age, young artists such as ourselves can create a platform to establish their work and become known across different branches of social media and with enough hard work and time, the world. Not only is it a true privilege, but also it’s an opportunity that sadly many do not receive, which is why we will not take this opportunity for granted.

7:Do you love any other interests expect arts?

Other than art in the draftsmanship , we also love the art of music, dancing, animation, comic creating, poetry, and writing. We enjoy doing anything that allows us to express ourselves to other people.

8:I noticed  you have big quantity fans ,Which age most like your work?

Our styles can appeal to all ages though we believe its fits more for people between teenagers to young adults.

9:Will you ever stop designing?

As long as we’re breathing and have a molecule of artsy in us, we will never stop doing this. No one on earth could change that. We grew up and developed with hearts of designers and we will also die as designers. It means to much to us to throw in the towel.

10:What do you think about Forudesigns?

We think that out of all the different platforms that we tried to use, Forudesigns was our best choice because of the way that your site is structured and how easily you make it for dedicated artists such as ourselves to come along and make something that can turn some heads while also creating a name for ourselves through you guys.

11:What is the reason that you will join us?

Well someone contacted our instagram page showing us your site. When we check out your sit we love the amount of stuff we could create on your site. We also love how you treat your designers and that gave us all the reason to join your website.

12:What is your best selling products at Forudesigns?

Currently we have no best seller because our work has not been selling much, but we believe it will take off soon especially with the help of you.

13:What is your expectation for Forudesigns?

We expect you to continue providing an awesome platform for us to give our customers and product for them to love. 

14:How do you feel when you see your designs on different people?

Seeing our designs on different individuals gives us that “WOW!” sensation that only shows up a handful of times in life. It makes us feel so accomplished like “We made it!”  but there’s more to do and now we have even more driven spirit to get it done.


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