Interesting People are Keen on Mixing Clothes

Interesting People are Keen on Mixing Clothes

Color is the silent language, which can bring very strong visual impact.A successful designer can often take advantage of people’s color psychology.The desire for colorful self-expression is the key to the New Year’s dress fashion.The new energies, optimism and confidence, will lead the fashion trend.

Soon, Thanksgiving Day is coming.How to dress up for Thanksgiving and reflect your personal taste?There are several color schemes, which can be recommended for the wear in the festival.

Citrus orange

Use high saturation and bright color, for example, citrus orange, can show good complexion and can match the theme of Thanksgiving.

For example: orange + dark blue, orange + gray, orange + black.

Moss green

Compared to army green, peat moss green is more of a cold tone, which greatly reduces the demand for complexion. This is the important reason why it has been widely used.

The peat moss green becomes the color with extremely high degree of tolerance, it can makes people look steady and high quality,also can shape the nifty and young character.Peat moss green is a high-order modern color which is close to life. Now, fashion people are already using it to express the new color trend of the future.

Papaya Orange

Orange is a bright and lively color, it is also the warmest color in the warm color system. Its penetration is second only to red in the air, but it’s warmer than red, so it is often used as a mark and publicity color.

And papaya orange color is very similar to the orange. Because of its warm, heavy and quiet character, it is commonly seen in luxury brand bag and lipstick area.

Ginger & Mustard

Bright ginger and mustard, in autumn and winter can always bring a warm feeling, so they deserve to be the exclusive color of the vintage fashion world.

Celery & Avocado Green

Celery & Avocado Green is bright, natural, fresh and clean, so it is still popular today.It is the color of vitality, its saturation is not as high as pure green, but it also symbolizes the passion and vitality of pursuing pesonality, so the more you look at it, the more hopeful you feel the life is.

For this color, Pantone describes it this way: “Grass green is between yellow and green, it is the first color of awakening spring, it is full of natural vitality, it has the meaning of rebirth and beginning. Celery & Avocado Green presents the vitality of the plants, and presents the vitality to users, so users can’t help but take a deep breath, boost the mood, and revitalize themselves.

Flame Black

Black gives people a sense of silence, while navy blue is full of possibility and hope.

Flame Black is a mixture of black and navy blue, which shows the ultimate charm of luxury. It can also highlight its personality and style in contrast with other colors.

Burgundy Red

Burgundy red has long been favored by European and American star and beauty’s got talent.It is a bit redder than wine red and it is named for similar to Burgundy, which is produced in Burgundy, France.

It has been applied not only to the field of clothing, but also to the field of beauty makeup.

Teal Blue

Add some green in blue will change to teal blue. Teal blue is developed on the basis of malachite green and turquoise green. It is fresh and soft as well as full of vitality.


In Chinese tradition, purple is a noble color.In the west, purple is also often used as the color of the aristocracy. It is a exclusive color for the Roman royal family.

Purple is made from red and blue, it is in a state of dissociation between warm and cold tone. Because of its low lightness nature, it will appear a little bit negative if the collocation doesn’t mix well.

Therefore, when mixing with warm colors, you need to adjust the purity or brightness to make the match look more harmonious.



All questions are as below:

1.How long did it take to design a product on our platform?   

Up to 15 min.

2.How did you come up with the ideas for your designs?  

 I chose the most creative pictures anyone can think of and I made sure all of my designs were unique.

3.How do you feel about using art to make business?   

Great, I love art and I am very talented at it.

4.Do you have any other interests? 

No. Its mostly art and drawing

5.Why do you like art/drawing? 

Because it is a creative way to use our brain and we can can use our imagination.

6.What do you think about Forudesigns? 

Its a great site, I visit it every day to make designs and its very fun.

7.Why did you decide to join us? 

Because I love art and design.

8.What are your expectations of Forudesigns? 

Do the best to update designs daily.

9.How do you feel when you see your designs are wearing on different people? 

I feel amazing as people love my designs.

10.How much do you know about copyright? 


11.Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs? 

Put it on the home page.

12.Do you have a favorite artist? Why you appreciate him/her? 

Not really.

Thank you for your support and time!


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