Have fun

Have fun

Artist introduction

Rod Seeley Art ,he is nice artist and seller who have his own site and popular artworks. He said:I started creating “Stylized Fractal” art in early 2011. My artwork in its’ original form is done on high gloss aluminum and has exhibited throughout United States, Canada and Europe. The artwork has won many awards.Even back then many people asked why I wasn’t putting my artwork on clothing and other apparel.

I discovered fractal art programs by accident while doing research online. I liked the unusual forms that they created but most lacked color.
So I created many designs and vibrant colors and created a new art form – “Stylized Fractal” art.The features of my designs is vibrant color combinations that don’t look computer generated even though they are done completely by computer using many special design techniques. Many people call it “Happy Art”.

Let’s follow he into his “Happy Art”-”Happy Fashions”.


More comfortable !

Happy Artworks .

Special visuals .

Colors shoes!

Blue means Cool!

The color on summer!


Purple is Romance!

Colorful Leisure Series!

Green is Young and Energy !

Colorful butterfly handbag.

Colorful Tote Bag.

Fashion from shoulder backpack.


Colorful butterfly suitcase.

Travel with colors.

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