Gorgeous color

Gorgeous color

Artist introduction

Simone Gatterwe started designing her own work about 10 years ago.  Most of the time, her children inspire her with the a lots of ideas for her designs and artworks . The inspirations of her artworks about the freedom and peace with animals or animals from mythical stories and pics. Her children also wish that she can continue for design .

Another reason , SimoneGatterwe loved her hobby –taking photos that is the reason why she chose this profession .

Artist style of work


Cute style with cute cat.

Cool style with sexy part.

Perfect for every day.

Keep it cool for gem and fashion.

YOUR way!

Brooklyn lifestyle by suitable and stylish shoes.

Inspired by tiger, creative and inspired.

Mysterious beauty.

Young and lovely style.

Backpack to the big adventure in soft Spring.

Your fashion style on T-shirt.

Life , by , Travel .

Answered to the interview

1:How long have been designing your own work?

About 10 years ago I started

2:How do you come up with the ideas for your designs?

Most of the time, my children inspire me. They are 22, 12, 2x 11 and 6 years old

3: What are the main features of your artworks、designs?

Mostly I want to capture the freedom and peace with animals or mythical creatures in pictures. But also my children often wish that I try to hold on.

4:What inspire you to start your own type of decision?

I loved making pictures and so became my profession from my hobby

5:Which one or series is your favorite design? 

The series with the dolphins

6:How do you feel about using art to create business?

I love this work.

7:Do you love any other interests expect arts?

As a hobby, I like to photograph and go cycling with the children

8:I noticed you have big quantity fans ,Which age most like your work?

I guess there are many children

9:Will you ever stop designing?


10:What do you think about Forudesigns?

I just discovered the company and I cannot say much. But I find the products very great.

11:What is the reason that you will join us?

I like their products.

12:What is your best selling products at Forudesigns?

For that I am still too short at forudesign. Best you ask me in six months J

13:What is your expectation for Forudesigns?

A good cooperation.

14:How do you feel when you see your designs on different people?

I am always looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the Americans mostly buy, so I rarely get to face it. But I am always happy about photos.

15:Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs?

I’m on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter advertising. On my website, I always publish my purchased test products. This is always very good

16:How much do you know about copyright?

I think I know very well. I always look that I am up to date. This is not always very easy if you work for other countries










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