Cute Life is Full of Love

Cute Life is Full of Love

Artist introduction

We are 2 sisters Penelope 14 y.o. and Florentia 11 y.o. from Greece .

All questions are as below :

1.How long did it take to design a product on our platform ?

2 months .

2.How did you come up with the ideas for your designs ?

Penelope wanted to be a designer and book illustrator, Florentia is a fashion model .

3.How do you feel about using art to make business ? 

We feel very prude that we make own business from young age !

4.Do you have any other interests ?

We like music, nature, animals, sea, travel, photography .

5.Why do you like art/drawing ?

It let go out and show to other people our thinking and our lovely things .

6.What do you think about Forudesigns ?

It is the best print site and designer platform!!! We wanted many other things to be added soon for printing there!!! We have a great ideas for new things !

7.What are your expectations of Forudesigns ?

I think it will 1th in printing sites if we all designers together with all our artist energy will promote it !

8.Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs ?

Yes! Usually we have many ideas for all the in the world! We only start our promotion as artist.We are from family with 5 very nice children: 2y.o.boy Angelos and 4 girls – 5 y.o. Maria, 9 y.o. Eva, 11 y.o. Florentia and 14y.o. Penelope. Florentia and Eva now try as new fashion models and will go to Moscow Piccolo Fashion Week .

9.Do you have a favorite artist? Why you appreciate him/her?

Penelope: My favorite painter is Monet, designer music composer is Mikis Theodorakis,  greek singer is Ilias Vrettos

Florentia: My favorite actor is Angelina Jolly, she is very beautiful woman with great heart and my favorite singer is Kostas Martakis. Both Florentia and Penelope, we love very much the great old greek actor and singer Aliki Vougouklaki.


Please leave your social media accounts here so that we can show to others.

Facebook: Penelope Koutsouveli

Florentia Model

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