Crazy for ARTS

Crazy for ARTS

Artist introduction

Pepita Selles create artworks with colors and art materials, rainy days and the sun also make provide her with inspiration.Besides artistic creation, she also like family music and dance, which make her happy. She started art design work in 2002 and not to stop writing.


Fashion! Fit to any style!

Special T-shirt for special you.

 Can’t breathe for that sexy.

Create the most beautiful buttocks line!

Charming you with special wear.

Comfortable and Soft.

Be a fashion you.

Nice figure with slim fit skirt.

The T-shirt makes you more handsome!

The T-shirt makes you more beautiful!

Sexy figure.

Hip perfect curve!

Unique temperament.

Feel good enough.

Sexy bikini, beautiful you.


Attract your only sexy skirts.

Answered to the interview

1:How long have been designing your own work?

Started year 2002 with art and design a couple of years after that.

2:How do you come up with the ideas for your designs?

In the same way I making art, can be colors and material to start with.

3: What are the main features of your artworks, designs?

Have been flowers, material as a form of pop art and fantasy art.

4:What inspire you to start your own type of decision?

Can be rainy weather or sun,so use to let it come to me.

5:Which one or series is your favorite design?

Have been working a while now with glittering paper in shapes and colors.

6:How do you feel about using art to create business?

A splendid way for me.

7:Do you love any other interests expect arts?

Home and family music and dance.

8:I noticed  you have big quantity fans ,Which age most like your work?

Never really checked,but all ages I think.

9:Will you ever stop designing?

No never.

10:What do you think about Forudesigns?

A very nice place.

11:What is the reason that you will join us ?

Maybe to earn some money.

12:What is your best selling products at Forudesigns?

Have only been there for a couple of weeks,time will show.

13:What is your expectation for Forudesigns?

Maybe to have to my special place.

14:How do you feel when you see your designs on different people?

Makes me happy of course.

15:Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs?

On social media,the way we do it.

16:How much do you know about copyright?

A lot of that I read and I can see on social medias.


1:Please leave you store link from

2:Please leave your Social media account homepages that we can show to others.

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