Connotative Collocation

Connotative Collocation

There is a kind of color collocation, no matter how simple it is, or even if there is no bright color, it also lets a person never get tired of looking it, it is black and white grey collocation.

Even though there are no any other colors in the whole body, it can give people a sense of comfort and atmosphere feeling.This kind of minimum adjustment but not tiresome color collocation, don’t you like it?

The black and white gray always gives person a kind of deep feeling, but collocate these three colors together, the charm is unexpectedly.You can use some accessories, such as a hat, to dress differently than others.Black and white grey makes a person not look old or depressing, tie-in a few accessories can make integral collocation effect better!


When you don’t know how to match, choose black and white grey!Black and white grey are the classic colors, never wrong.A lot of fashion people have several “black and white grey” look, as low tonal outfit, black and white grey can capture the essence of the minimalism. The neat and spiffy cutting design is lazy and casual and can convey your emotions.


Today, let’s learn how to match black and white grey.


Advanced grey becomes a kind of super beautiful tonal, pure and grey collocation also is loved by people.Mix deep and shallow grey can present the,simple and elegant of the city and layering as well.Black and white grey collocation is absolutely perfect, it is casual but sexy.A woman’s intellectuality can also be reflected in her dressing style. Black and white grey is very good collocation scheme, use good single product to collocate extremely concise style, at that time you will find classic is more intriguing! Black and white grey is the classic collocation that never goes out. It is low-key but luxurious.Black and white grey, as the classic match colors that leading simple style trend, although they are not colorful colors, they always can be loved at first sight and can let a person look comfortable.So, when you can’t find your own suitable bright color match, just wear black and white rather than choosing the unsatisfied match. One colors collocation


As the most coolest color on the wardrobe, all black has to be mentioned.But all black doesn’t means dressing all in black , the key is the collocation details. And how to match the layer sense is the most important. White When it comes to white items, you must not ignore your super white shoes.In the classic match, pure white color is definitely recommended.White and other two kinds of colours collocation look very harmonious, and can not make a mistake. Grey Grey is hard to wear because it looks dirty.But as long as the collocation is clever, the worry will not appear.The layer collocation of grey department is tieing in deep and shallow grey together to build unique feeling. Two colors collocation Combine any two colors of the top three colors to create a sense of high level.For example, the most classic black fabric with a white logo. Three color collocation The higher order method is black and white grey trichromatic collocation.The taste of black and white grey trichromatic collocation not only can let you get the layer collocation of color when wearing clothes , but also can bring the fun of the wearing tiered single items.Use a white bag to break the dull dark look.Or mainly black look, with gray or white accessories, such as a hat or scarf.

Black and white grey are the winter eternal invariable choices, they are simple, easy, mature, low-key and deep.Black and white combination can be a good dose of fashion medicine, making a person soft and elegant, whether male or female.In the colorful world, the more simple color, the more distinctive. Simple as black and white grey. As long as your collocation does not make a mistake, you can wear the elegant appearance that belongs to yourself absolutely!


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