Charming of Apron

Charming of Apron


Apron, the name we often hear in daily life, is a functional accessory that layers over one’s outfit to protect one’s clothes and skin from incidental stains and marks. Not many people know that there has a beautiful story about apron. Long time ago, an orphan met a white shivering puppy by the river. He took it home and feed it carefully. One day, the orphan came back from outside. He saw a beautiful girl cooking at home. She was wearing a white fur that he never seen. The girl is the white puppy! In order to repay the orphan, she became a girl and lived with the orphan forever.

The OLD and NOW

Aprons were used by both the Native Indians and the pilgrims when America was first colonized—and have been well worn in America ever since. The apron fell out of favor in the 1960s after its rise to celebrity in the 50’s when it became the post-war symbol for family and domesticity. As women started looking outside the home for satisfaction and work, they looked away from the domesticated apron. People started doing their work without an apron entirely or they choose to wear a bib apron. The bib apron remains the dominate apron on the market and is offered in a multitude of variations, colors, detailing and fabrications.

The apron is enjoying a resurgence thanks to a few modern cultural factors. The slow foods and foodie movements have inspired people to cook for pleasure and not as an act of subordination; the maker movements glorify the process of creating and the behind the scenes making of things; cooking shows use aprons as a professional accessory; and (unlike in past centuries) dirty work is no longer a task reserved for the underclasses. Today there is no negative social stigma associated with doing one’s own chores (like cooking and cleaning) or with pursuing messy hobbies or careers (like styling, gardening or painting).


There are many different apron forms depending on the purpose of the apron. A basic distinction is between waist aprons, which cover the body from the waist down, and bib aprons, which also cover the upper part of the body.

Also, the pattern on apron is become richer and more personalized along with the appearance of online customization.


 FORU apron is made by high quality polyester cotton. It is durable and dirt-proof. The back uses chalaza design which can be adjusted. It is very easy to use and easy to rinse as well. FORU apron, the first choice of kitchen must-have accessary which will bring you personalized, beautiful, convenient, relax, happy and all positive adjectives!



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