Awake art

Awake art

Artist introduction

It all started 5 years ago when she took art in high school. She noticed that she wasn’t very good in sketching so she focused more on creating artworks with the use of very bright colors.She started using oil pastels for artworks and from there, she shifted to poster colors on canvas gradually practicing all kinds of different techniques to paint and now, she working mostly on Acrylic and Oil Paint on Canvas. 


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Answered to the interview

1:How long have been designing your own work?

Khusbu – It all started 5 years ago when I took art in high school. I noticed that I wasn’t very good in sketching so I  focused more on creating artworks with the use of very bright colours.

2:How do you come up with the ideas for your designs?

Khusbu – My artworks are mostly abstract or landscape paintings. My first painting was a landscape and I’ve stick to that for a few years and then went to abstract paintings.

3: What are the main features of your artworks、designs?

Khusbu – Colours and textures. I mix and match colours in most of my abstract paintings. Some worked out well and some didn’t but the main idea is to keep creating.

4:What inspire you to start your own type of decision?

Khusbu – For me, art is a therapy. It excites me to see the vision in my head being painted out on a canvas and the fact that others enjoy it is an added bonus.

5:Which one or series is your favorite design?

Khusbu – My all time favourite is GAlaxy but currently I’ve been interested in my latest series WInter too.

6:How do you feel about using art to create business?

Khusbu – It’s a great way to earn some extra money which can be used to invest in materials or paints.

7:Do you love any other interests expect arts?

Khusbu – Music and art has been a huge part of my life. Other than that, I write stories too.

8:I noticed  you have big quantity fans ,Which age most like your work?

Khusbu – Most of them are teens but I hope my art catches the eyes of everyone regardless of their age group.

9:Will you ever stop designing?

Khusbu – I hope not.

10:What do you think about Forudesigns?

Khusbu- Its a great platform to show your artworks and also meet other artists to keep the inspiration going.

11:What is the reason that you will join us?

Khusbu – I received a direct message from the people at Forudesigns encouraging me to join and create products so I joined and started designing.

12:What is your best selling products at Forudesigns?

Khusbu – GAlaxy Abstract Design Cotton Backpack.

13:What is your expectation for Forudesigns?

Khusbu – I’m happy that artists/ designers from any part of the world could show and produce their design to everyone in this platform and I hope Forudesigns gets bigger.

14:How do you feel when you see your designs on different people?

Khusbu – It feels good to see people wearing the bags or shoes  I’ve designed.

15:Do you have any ideas on how to promote your designs?

Khusbu- In my opinion, social media like (Instagram and Facebook) has played a huge role in promoting my artworks and also designs.

16:How much do you know about copyright?

Khusbu – As an artist we tend to get inspiration from other artists work but the main idea is to add something that represents ourselves in it to make it unique.


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