Art Makes Life Amazing

Art Makes Life Amazing

Artist introduction

This time we would love to introduce an artist, who comes from Spain and always holds the idea that “art makes life amazing”. She is Gloria Sánchez.

1.Graduated in Fine Arts, Master in Restoration in easel Painting and Master in Knowledge and Management of Historical Heritage, born at a beautiful Renaissance town in the south of Spain, Andalusia, Gloria has always dreamt of being an artist.  

2.Vintage lover, adventurous, vegan, creative, sensitive and funny, she spent her free time travelling, reading, watching a good movie or working on her body with her other passion, fitness.

3.She likes receiving love and affection from people surrounding her. Her biggest treasure is her family, happiness, and time.

4.She likes the taste and smell of the bread just baked. Her city, Lisbon. Her colour, pink. Her favourite movie, Beetlejuice.

5.Solidarity, the smile of a child, sincere hugs and music are things that really move her.

6.Always positive and making the best of every single day, she goes to bed thanking for what she has and speaks with the Universe to fulfill her dreams.

7.Her ideal location is on the beach, surrounded by fruits and aromatic plants, enjoying the blue sky illuminated by the sun every single season of the year.

8.I’ m making art because of YOU. Because I want to provide you with new visual experiences and sensations, entertain you, make you laugh, or smile even if is for a second. Make you think, tell you new storiesand communicate with you through my collages.

9.Because makes me feel super happy when I see you enjoying my art, collecting it, wearing a t-shirt, decorating your home or carrying a bag with the design that I created for you. Is my passion and I enjoy every single day of my live making new content. Getting lost in the moment while creating art is liberating beyond anything else I have experienced.

10.Because with art your thoughts and mindset will be changed into a state of complete freedom from stress, anxiety and negativity. Because ART makes life amazing!

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