Art is my life

Art is my life

Artist introduction

Hi, I am Willianna and I am living in the USA. I have been drawing since I was 6 years old. Art is not my job but is my life, because my happiest time is while drawing something. I am a self-taught artist and like to draw cute characters mostly little girls and sweet animals. I also like to draw funny things, because it makes me really happy when my works put a tiny smile on people’s face. Off course, when I feel sad and alone, I draw characters who are upset or feel empty.

Answers to specific interview questions

1.Your artworks are liked by a lot of people. As a self-taught artist, why you can make such a great progress? Do you have any suggestions for those art lovers who are self-teaching now?

Actually, I did not do anything except drawing something every day. I can do a spider, which is horrible for most of the people, is a lovely animal, because I think I have a different imagination. If the art lovers draw something every day, they will see the improvement.

2.In addition to draw, you also customize celebration cards, artfully cakes, cookies and fondant since last year. Why did you started to do that?

As I said before, art is not my job but is my life. So, I do not only use my imagination to put on just paper, but also people should taste my imagination 🙂 People, who taste my art, love them, so I want to continue decorating cakes and cookies.

3.Your girl characters are really sweet. What inspired you to create them?

It is a really hard question but I can say the most inspirable things are animations that I watched when I was a child and my sweetest daughters may affect it.

4.Most of your artworks are creative and broke the conventionality. For example, “Spider’s love” (It is generally acknowledged that spider is horrible, but in your artwork, it is cute. ) Why you can use such a unique way to express a common phenomenon?

I really like to bring close together opposites because of my character. I really like to be different.

5.You mentioned “lost” many times on Instagram. For art lovers, drawing is a good way to express moods and feeling. What do you think?

I communicate with people by drawing my moods and feelings. Social media gives me this opportunity.

6.In May. 2017, you joined Forudesigns and designed hundreds of unique products. Why did you decide to accept our offer?

I wanted people to join my imaginary world.

7.How do you feel when you see your designs are wearing on different people?

If my designs are wearing on different people, it means that they joined my world and they shared my emotions. I hope they feel different with the products that are designed by me.

8.Do you have any suggestions or feedback about Forudesigns? We are expecting to hearyour voice!

It is very hard and takes time to put the designs on the products one by one. Also you should developed a program to put designs on the products, like every design is rectangular and when you put it on the T-shirt, it does not look integrated so, I can advise that you can use a simple program like some basics of Photoshop.

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