Amazing Artworks !

Amazing Artworks !

Artist introduction

Joined in August. 2016, Nerea Mas has already designed more than 100 unique products on Forudesigns!Today, Forudesigns would love to introduce the story of this beautiful artist to you.

Nerea Mas is a shy and quiet Spanish Illustrator, character design and concept artist. She was born in one of her favorite cities in the world, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.The learning experience of Fashion Designer in Barcelona (a private college of fashion design FD) makes her has sensitivity to fashion and designs.You may find that all products designed by Ne are combined with a fashionable girl and bright color. That is because her inspirations are mainly from color, weather and people around the world.Her another inspiration comes from mermaid.

Ne loves travel and loves to know people from different countries. If you would love to make friends with her and tell her something about your countries’ custom. I bet that she will be very happy!


Warmest hugs for you.

Creative handbags make you happy.

Pink pillow brings you warm!

Does this fashionable pink backpack interest you?

White crossbody bag is suitable for this summer!

Creative handbags make you happy!

A fascinating chain bag.

You should have it!

Soft fabric turn into suitable clothes .

Show your styles !

Comfortable !

Accompany you to travel only luggage.

To be beautiful when cook!

Nice cosmetic bag!

Backpack also can make you fashionable!

A unique pencil bag makes you study passionately!

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