Abstract art expresses sense

Abstract art expresses sense

Use abstract art to express feelings, let color dance!

Incorporate abstract art concepts into fashion, making clothes become a moving art!

Abstract art is pure for art, free from content and pure expression of art itself.

Another aesthetic, called abstract expressionism, is expressed in a new concept and abstract style.

Abstract art is a form of artistic representation, which expresses the appearance of natural objects with a greater degree of deviation or totally abandons itself.

Abstract art is generally regarded as an art that does not describe the natural world. It is expressed in a subjective way through its shape and color.

In many cases, the concept of abstract art refers to abstract painting.

Of course, abstract art should include more art fields besides abstract paintings, and designers have boldly applied it to fashion design.

The popular saying ‘art comes from life’, also applies to fashion.

There is an indelible association between fashion and art circle.

Many fashion designers get inspiration from art or painting, they achieve mastery through a comprehensive art concept of ideal life, giving clothing more unique meaning.

Now we find that artists prefer to use this form for inspiration.

For example, image the fabric as a canvas, transfer a part of art or painting, make the creative change, and finally put on the clothes as presentation.

When the model puts on clothes, it is like becoming a moving art, and then deeply transform the “art works” so as to collide the wonderful sparkle of art and fashion.

The emergence of abstract art is a signal that there are still feelings in the world.

Abstract art world is an ethereal world, a free and unpredictable world, providing a new platform for modern aesthetics, activating people’s curiosity and innovation consciousness.

People are more willing to weave their own aesthetic feeling and construct the color world of their own souls!


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