5 Things You Can’t Miss At Christmas

As winter comes, the temperature is getting lower and lower, but the street scenes are getting more and more beautiful for Christmas! You can see to welcome Christmas, shopping malls and supermarkets have begun to decorate. The Christmas tree in the square is glittering. You even can smell the cream in the air. The whole city is looking forward to Christmas! How to celebrate Christmas this year, have you planned in advance? There are 5 things we suggest you to do on Christmas, which are fun and ritual! Check out which one you like the most?


Santa Claus

Christmas Candles And Garlands

In the early 19th century, the garlands were made of wood and were paired with 24 candles. However, during the war period, the number of candles was reduced to four due to the shortage of supplies. At the same time, the garlands were also woven with fir tree branches. Today, all four candles have their own unique meaning.

① The candle of prophecy—a symbol of Jesus’ coming.

② The Candle of Freedom-the symbol of Jesus’ birth.

③ The candle of joy-a symbol of honesty.

④ Candle of Love-a symbol of God and his unique son.

People will light one candle every Sunday, when all four candles are lit, Christmas will come.


Drink Christmas Wine And Snacks

You might know that red wine is one of the indispensable elements in Christmas! Christmas is a Christian holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus, and wine is regarded by Christians as “holy blood”. At the Christmas market, mulled wine is an indispensable drink. There are many cups used to hold hot red wine on the market. The year and city name are printed on it. If you buy mulled wine, you will be asked to pay a deposit for the wine glass, so if you like this glass, you can take it home as a Christmas souvenir.


Eat Roast Turkey

When it comes to eating, how can you not mention the main course of the Christmas dinner-roast turkey. You might think of Thanksgiving in the United States, but in the British Christmas dinner, roast turkey is also the most important dish. The British often use baked potatoes or mashed potatoes as a side dish, and sometimes carrots. Besides these, creamy bean sprouts with chestnuts and bacon are also very popular side dishes.


Visit The Christmas Market

In addition, there are different traditional snacks. For example, at the Christmas market in Prague, Czech Republic, you will find round bread. At Christmas markets in France and Germany, you will find roasted sugar-coated peanuts, toasted almonds. You also can buy gingerbread, chocolate and Christmas desserts, baked apple souffle, hazelnut cinnamon rolls and more.


Christmas tree

Christmas trees has always been an essential decoration to celebrate Christmas. If there is no Christmas tree in the home, the festive atmosphere will be greatly reduced, and there are many different legends about the origin of Christmas trees.

One of them is that: around the 16th century, the Christmas tree first appeared in Germany. The Germans took evergreen pine and cypress branches to decorate the house. Later, someone put candles on fir branches in the woods, and then lit the candles. It look like it is leading people to Bethlehem. By now, people have replaced candles with shiny bulbs and decorations.


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