The New Trend: Classic Animal Print

The wild animal print has always been in the fashion circle, and it is very popular every year! Eternally popular leopard print, personalized snake print, gentle zebra print, cute cow print, and aggressive crocodile print become unique products under the designer’s creations.

Zebra Print

The zebra print is the most elegant and chic design among all kinds of wild animal prints. It is black and white, and the overall color looks simple but generous. It is exists in clothing, bags, accessories and shoes. It is charming and sexy.


Leopard Print

The leopard print has been popular since it first appeared in fashion in 1943, it has never left. Some people say that no matter how the trend changes, leopard print can always exist. Leopard print is unique, retro and elegant. It embodies our adventurous, free and romantic attitude.


Cow Print

The cow print is an element developed from the texture of the cow body. The black and white cow print is the most popular. The cow’s print is similar to the zebra print in color, and it is similar to the leopard print in figure. But the cow’s print is more fresh and cute than the leopard print. It gives us a kind of retro, funny and cute feeling.


Snake Print

Among the wild animal prints, the snake print is definitely the coolest texture. It is neither too exaggerated, nor too plain without texture. Instead, it is cool and mysterious, which will make you become an exceptionally beautiful landscape.


Animal print has huge space for development. As long as you dare to think and try, nothing is impossible. Trends are always changing, and those who really understand fashion always have own ideas. Find the style you love and support it.

Author: forudesignsteam

ForUDesigns is a large international E-commerce provider that was established in March, 2015. ForUDesigns specializes in providing a wide range of services such as E-commerce, sublimation printing, product manufacturing and international drop-shipping and there current catalog includes over 300 print on demand products such as clothes, shoes, bags, home-decor, car accessories and more.

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