Vintage & Psychedelic Steam Wave Art

Steam wave print is an emerging art style with a strong sense of form. It emerged in early 2010 in the Internet community, it is an art style deeply affected by cyberpunk culture. The aesthetic of the steam wave is visually infused with numerous electronic elements from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.

Steam wave design elements include text, classical sculpture, character landscape, 80’s and 90’s animation images, mosaics and electronics. The most prominent elements mainly include classical art image, window95 classic window style, sculpture, Lo-Fi and so on. Let’s show you some examples!


Among the numerous representative elements of the 1980s, the most outstanding one is windows system. Colorful window icon, gray dialog window and the repeated error messages have also become iconic elements of the steam-wave style.

Plasterwork is one of the most common collages in steam waves. It is very easy to design just need to take advantage of various plaster figures students used to practice sketching.For example, put the body of David and the chest of Venus in various positions in the image.


The occasional flicker, overlap of red, green and blue as well as stretched and distorted images on the rough tapes from 80s and 90s are the presentations of LO-FI.

Steam wave is a combination of technology and vintage. It is both vintage and interesting, with both the futuristic mechanical sense of cyberpunk and the psychedelic metallic gradient elements of steam wave. It has already derived into many fields,and become popular in the fashion and design industry.

Author: forudesignsteam

ForUDesigns is a large international E-commerce provider that was established in March, 2015. ForUDesigns specializes in providing a wide range of services such as E-commerce, sublimation printing, product manufacturing and international drop-shipping and there current catalog includes over 300 print on demand products such as clothes, shoes, bags, home-decor, car accessories and more.

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