Summer Fashion Element: Fruit

When you comes to summer, what’s on your mind? Do you think of fruit as I do? Fruit is not only for eating, it is very popular to design clothing with fruit element. Let’s take a look about how fruit element is applied in fashion items


Fruit-print shoes is much interesting in the eyes of many people. Especially on spring and summer, you can see many people wear it on the street. It has become as popular as the versatile white shoes.


T-shirt is the most common clothes on summer, cute fruit-print T-shirt looks great with ordinary jeans. For me, a fruit-print T-shirt will brighten my whole day and those friends around me. Do you think so?


A bag might be not necessary, but a unique bag is sure to make your outfit stand out. You can image how attractive that would be if you go shopping with a fruit-print bag.


Summer is coming,  we can go swimming in sexy swimsuits again! For a red-hot summer, what’s more cool than swimming? I think that should be wearing a swimsuit printed with fruit. Bask in the sunshine with lovely fruits by the seaside, so enjoyable!.


A good home decoration can bring a good effect. It is said that adding some fruit-print household supplies can enhance the summer atmosphere. Let’s try it now!

Whether it’s a catwalk show or a daily wear, fruit-print has already become a symbol of youth and summer. Fruit element printing is a magic wand in the hands of designers, a trend in the fashion industry, and an indispensable fun item in our life. Welcome to share your fashion ideas with us!

Author: forudesignsteam

ForUDesigns is a large international E-commerce provider that was established in March, 2015. ForUDesigns specializes in providing a wide range of services such as E-commerce, sublimation printing, product manufacturing and international drop-shipping and there current catalog includes over 300 print on demand products such as clothes, shoes, bags, home-decor, car accessories and more.

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