Featured Artist: Pepita Selles

In this season of flowers, a lot of designers are creating with flowers. Pepita Selles is an artist who loves flower design very much. To know more about her, we had a special interview with her. The following is the content of the interview.

  • Q: Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

A: I am a woman from Sweden. I love a lot art, design and family.

  • Q: What’s the opportunity for you to start working in the art?

A: I started on the internet with art.com 2002 and started selling artwork there. And started to design later in life with my art.

  • Q: What’s the source of your design inspiration?

A: I do and did a lot of scanography in the beginning a rare art form.
And now drawing painting also graphic paint into big collages and do both artwork and design.

  • Q: What is the most attractive point of ForUDesigns for you?

A: To be honest I love to sell.

  • Q: Could you please talk about the most satisfied product you designedon ForUDesigns recently?

A: The new hoodie.

  • Q: Which product do you most want to sell on ForUDesigns?

A: I hope it is the new hoodie that I just mentioned.

  • Q: Do you have any suggestions for the new designers who have joined ForUDesigns?

A: Keep up their good work.

  • Q: Could you please share us your favorite design and how it was created?

A: From a scanography with my hand holding roses and collage style with gold and digital water and photos of candles. And gold fabric as planets.


Above is the interview with artist Pepita Selles. If you want to know more about her, please visit our website to appreciate her designs.

Thank you so much for your reading!


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