Do You Know the New Year Customs of Different Countries?

It is a common convention to celebrate the beginning of the new year all over the world. People are filled with good expectations toward the New Year. As the history, culture, religion belief and regional custom are different, therefore, every country has its own traditional way in celebrating the new year. How many ways do you know? Today we will share the New Year custom of several countries to you. Let’s take a look!

China: Diverse And Distinctive Customs

The celebration of Chinese New Year began in ancient. The New Year usually refers to the first day of the first lunar month. Chinese New Year has a long history. Many customs came into being in the inheritance and development and still exist today. Such as sweeping the dust, purchasing goods for the Spring Festival, having a family reunion dinner, staying up late on New Year’s Eve, giving lucky money to children, holding lion dancing and dragon lantern dancing, offering sacrifices to ancestors, putting on new clothes to visit family and friends.


France: Drink All Wines Stocked

Before 1564, French New Year’s Day is on April 1. In 1564, Charles IX, the French king, adopting the Gregorian calendar and changed January 1 as New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, the French usually gather with family and drink champagne. According to the tradition, every family needs to drink all wines they stored so as to avoid bad luck in the coming year. It is said that French will have a better beginning if they get drunk.

Spain: “12 grapes brings you luck. “

There is a unique ‘Eating Grapes’ custom on Spain. Spanish people keep 12 grapes ready and as the clock strikes 12 midnight, they eat one on each stroke to ensure 12 happy months in the coming year.

America: Revel In The Midnight

How do Americans celebrate New Year’s Day? The most crazy moment is on New Year’s Eve. In the evening, Americans will gather in church, street or plaza to pray, bless and confess. At 12 o’clock midnight, when church bells toll across the country, the band will play the famous nostalgic song Auld Lang Syne. With the sadness of parting and the longing for the new life, people will embrace each other to greet the arrival of the new year.

Italy: Break All Plates

The New Year’s Eve is Italian’s carnival night. When the night falls, the excited people will rush to the street and dance until midnight. Every family will break old bottles, bowls, saucers, basins and plates. They believe they can remove the trouble and bad luck as well as welcome happiness and good luck by this way. On the first day of the new year, every family will light a fire and keep the fire burning day and night, which means they will prosperous and well-off in the new year.  

Japan: The 108 Times New Year’s Eve Bell

Japanese New Year last from December 29 to January 3. there will be a three-holiday for the whole country. On the New Year’s Eve, people will go to shrine and temples to pray spirits for blessings in the coming year. This custom is called “Hatsumoude”. After that, people will sit quietly and listen to the 108 times bells tolled by temples. Buddhists believe that there are 108 kinds of Bonno (Bonno is unnecessary feelings of anger, desires, obsession and suspicion). By ringing the bell 108 times, Buddhists can get rid of these 108 feelings. In the early morning of the new year, family sit together to talk about their dreams to predict the good or bad for the new year.

Germany: Lit Fireworks To Drive Away Evil Spirits

The German New Year is called “Sylvester”. Their custom is lit fireworks, torches and candles to drive away evil spirits and bring good things. Almost every country around the world has superstitions attached to New Year’s Day. For example, on New Year’s Eve, Germany people should not do laundry, because it is said that the good fortune and a member of the family will be washed away.

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