2018 popular color recommendation

2018 popular color recommendation

The New Year is coming, and there will be a diversity of color stories.

The New Year’s spring and summer color series will trigger a sense of fun and relaxation.

We can see a kaleidoscope of exciting colors and comfortable hues.

Designers use a sudden burst of creative inspiration to make fashion and life common applicable to both or all and use color to interpret the popular meaning.

Although for many consumers, the classic color is the skeleton color of the wardrobe, it is also the basic core color that builds individual style.However, adding novel color on the basis of basic colors, and matching collision colors can lead to a better visual aesthetic.

In the atmosphere of complexity and difference, we find ourselves in the shelter of color, perfect for playing some more unique and dramatic color mixing.

Pantone, the color authority that exists as a popular color weathervane, has revealed the fashionable colors of the next year.

For people who concerned with design and fashion industry, it is quite worthy of reference.

It’s recommended that you focus on the popular colors of 2018 and take advantage of these popular colors to make your daily wear, and you’ll be the most beautiful scene in the New Year.


Cherry Tomato

The wayward cherry tomato red is the intense orange red, it is the bold color that is born with vigor, radiate heat and energy, let a person cannot ignore.

The name comes from the red and color of cherry and tomato, high brightness and high purity of vision bring bright-colored , it is difficult to ignore.

The wayward cherry tomato red is a fierce orange color that gives off heat and energy.This bold, eye-catching color is inherently vibrant and can't be ignored.


Ash Rose

This color, gentle and introverted, full of sense of order.


Nile Green

The cool and calm Nile green brings a hint of green grass to the color series, making it a tranquil backdrop for many of the colors of spring and summer 2018.



This bold and vivid, confident extroversion of the bright yellow tone highlights the Spring Festival of spring and summer, lighting up the surroundings and the mood.

This bold and lively tone is high, which can satisfy your desire for self-expression and can bring a cheerful emotional experience as well as mature and tender temperament.

The saturation of this color is moderate, it belongs to the color of the mature color, in the expression of favour gentle, cool the most intense emotion.


Blooming Dahlia

The subtle and seductive blooming chrysanthemum with a flirtatious scent beckons us with a low profile charm. Sweet as a maiden, fresh but not cloying,, tender and tender.

This color is named after the chrysanthemum, a kind of nude color, low-key but elegant, it is a kind of unpretentious pink, just like the soft color of the tiny hairs on a child's face.
The light, warm and warm tone with a hint of flirtation and romance and let a person fondle admiringly, Its color is not too bright or too concealing, just quietly elegant and good.


Ultra Violet

The magical uv light is a highly visible and complex purple tone, conveying originality and exquisite feeling, interesting and charming.The noble and striking color, adaptable to the powerful people, has a profound sense of silence.


Spiced Apple

This color is very retro. 


Pink Lavender

Lavender is a soft and romantic pink violet with soothing charm.Pink lavender color comes from lavender flowers. This bright color is less luxury, but more romance and fantasy. It is a veritable "fairy color".
Visual drive smell, the light fragrance spread to teenage girl's dream, let you always enjoy the princess's felicity.


Almost Mauve

Pale lavender has a gentle petal feel. It is careful and seems to be not, it can add a touch of nostalgia to you.
This color is very light, like if there is not, the delicate and elegant of wanting to speak is suitable for a girl.


Rapture Rose

Romantic rose red is the color of love, it is the red halo of the lover's face and the color of the heart plop.


Lime Punch

This color is exciting and intense, vibrant, sharp and sharp lime wine yellow presents a harsh and shocking orange tone, knocking at everyone's heartstrings.


Little Boy Blue

The sky blue color with the expectation of clear blue sky, is no longer the exclusive color of the little boy.
This sky blue color means wide and continuance, in the promise to us every new tomorrow.


4 classic color series of 2018

Sailor Blue

Stable and deep color, the atmosphere is powerful, gives people a complete sense of security.

A dark blue like mariner blue stabilizes the popular color series of spring and summer 2018.


Harbor Mist

The harbour misty gray is a mid-tone dove grey, which solidifies the popular color series of spring and summer 2018.


Warm Sand

Warm and soft sand is a soothing neutral tone that effortlessly connects the seasons.


Coconut Milk

Coconut milk white is a classic skeleton color in the spring/summer 2018 season. It is the representative color of white or rice white.
The classic mainstream coconut milk white, convey "less is more" minimalist concept every time .


Above, the popular color of 2018 is all good!

With these popular colors, you will be able to pass through the spring and summer of 2018 and become the most fashionable one on the street!



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